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ZEEP Incorporated is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with access to the core of the U.S. energy industry.

The company is a private Delaware company founded in 2008.

ZEEP stands for zero emissions–and is doing something about it now. The manufacture of C1 liquid methanol, first from abundant C1 natural gas in the United States, and then from pure hydrogen and CO2, provides a solid 50-year and 100-year blueprint for energy wealth and the environment.

ZEEP is actively developing chemical grade C1 methanol plants with a lean, capital efficient development approach that leverages project equity contributions from joint venture partners and long-term off-takers as well as non-recourse project credit from money center banks.

After a thorough survey of U.S. shale gas monetization and global project development opportunities, the company opted to develop world scale methanol projects using mature conversion technology that is performance guaranteed and EPC wrapped.

The company has a project development pipeline concentrated on the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) exploiting low natural gas feedstock costs and world leading infrastructure and market access.


Methanol is a single-carbon alcohol. This clear, biodegradable liquid has excellent combustion characteristics, making it an ideal, environmentally friendly fuel and feedstock for other commodity chemicals.


Clean, cheap, and abundant U.S. natural gas serves as the feedstock for the production of methanol.


ZEEP is committed to using best-available technology in its facilities to reduce NOx, CO, VOC, and HAP emissions.


ZEEP’s scalable “repeat” project model utilizes a low-cost reference facility template that employs a proven and safe process technology.